Colors A, B and C.
Repeat rows 5 - 16. Rows 1 -4 are foundation rows and are not repeated.
Row #SideColorBegin RowRepeatRepeat From *End Row
5RBk1*sl 3 wyib (keep the yarn loose behind these slipped stitches), k1, dip st, k1 *sl 3 wyib, k1
6WBp2*sl 1 wyif, p5*sl 1 wyif, p2
7RAk4*sl 3 wyib, k3*k1
8WAp5*sl 1 wyif, p5* 
9RAk5*sl 1 wyib, k5* 
11RCk2*dip st, k1, sl 3 wyib, k1*dip st, k2
12WCp5*sl 1 wyif, p5 * 
13RAk1*sl 3 wyib, k3*sl 3 wyib, k1
14WAp2*sl 1 wyif, p5 *sl 1 wyif, p2
15RAk2*sl 1 wyib, k5*sl 1 wyib, k2
  Additional Instructions and Notes
Dip Stitch (dip st)insert needle in front of stitch in the 3rd row below the next stitch on the left-hand needle, and draw through a loose loop; slip the loop onto the left-hand needle and k2 tog-b (i.e., the loop and the next stitch)