Repeat Rows 1 - 16.
Row #SideBegin RowRepeatRepeat From *End Row
1Rp3*yo, k1, yo, p6* 
2W*k3, p3*k3
3Rp3*yo, p3, yo, p6* 
4W*k3, p5*k3
5Rp3*yo, k1; slip 1, k2-tog, psso, k1, yo, p6* 
6W*k3, p5*k3
7Rp3*yo, k1; slip 1, k2-tog, psso, k1, yo, p6 * 
8W*k3, p5*k3
9Rp3*k1, slip 1-k2-tog-psso, k1, p6* 
10W*k3, p3*k3
11Rp3*slip 1, k2-tog, psso, p6* 
12W*k3, p1*k3
14W*k3, p1*k3
16W*k3, p1*k3
  Additional Instructions and Notes
Note: stitch count changes from 4 plus 3 on the first row to 7 plus 3 on the third row and back again to 4 plus 3 by the eleventh row
Row: 16  
  Row: 15
Row: 14  
  Row: 13
Row: 12  
  Row: 11
Row: 10  
  Row: 9
Row: 8  
  Row: 7
Row: 6  
  Row: 5
Row: 4  
  Row: 3
Row: 2  
  Row: 1
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