image provided by Elaine J Lyons to show the reverse side of the fabric.

Work on a double pointed or circular needle.
Repeat rows 1 - 8. Row 0 is a set-up row and is not repeated.
Row #SideColorBegin RowRepeatRepeat From *
0WB*k1, yf sl1yo*
1RC*brk1, yf sl1yo*
2WD*brk1, yf sl1yo*
3WAslide work to other tip of needle*wyif, sl1 yof, brp1*
4RB*wyif, sl1 yof, brp1*
5WC*wyif, sl1 yof, brp1*
6RD*wyif, sl1 yof, brp1*
7RAslide work to other tip of needle*brk1, yf sl1yo*
8WB*brk1, yf sl1yo*
Row: 9  
  Row: 8
  Row: 7
Row: 6  
  Row: 5
Row: 4  
Row: 3  
  Row: 2
Row: 1