This pattern is called "fast" because, unlike most cable patterns that work the cable stitches on only the right side (public) rows, this pattern works the cable stitches from both sides of the fabric. The result is a steeper slope to the rib -- it "moves" across the fabric faster. The trick is to get used to working the cable stitches on the wrong (private) side of the fabric.
Repeat Rows 1 - 24.
Row #SideRepeat
1WK10, p2
2RFC, p9
3WK8, RFC, k1
4RP2, FC, p7
5WK6, RFC, k3
6RP4, FC, p5
7WK4, RFC, k5
8RP6, FC, p3
9WK2, RFC, k7
10RP8, FC, p1
11WRFC, k9
12RP10, k2
13WP2, k10
14RP9, BC
15WK1, RBC, k8
16RP7, BC, p2
17WK3, RBC, k6
18RP5, BC, k4
19WK5, RBC, k4
20RP3, BC, p6
21WK7, RBC, k2
22RP1, BC, p8
23WK9, RBC
24RK2, p10
  Additional Instructions and Notes
Front Cable (FC)slip 2 stitches to dpn and hold in front; p1, then k2 from dpn
Reverse Front Cable (RFC)slip 1 stitch to dpn and hold in front; p2, then k1 from dpn
Back Cross (BC)slip 1 stitch to dpn and hold in back; k2, then p1 from dpn
Reverse Back Cross (RBC)slip 2 stitches to dpn and hold in back; k1, then p2 from dpn